Tie Brick

Does the steel or wire reinforcement sink into the dirt after the concrete is placed? If so, what is it reinforcing?

Tie Brick   Make sure rebar stays where it was designed to be with the THE TIE BRICK®

Current building codes require rebar or reinforcing wire in concrete slabs and building foundations to be set at a specified height above grade. Until now, wire or plastic chairs and standard concrete bricks have been utilized to support reinforcing steel. The problem is that support chairs often bend or sink into the soil, and standard concrete brick is costly and does not provide the most of common elevation three inches.

pic_home1   “Introducing THE TIE BRICK®.” This product is the answer to flimsy and expensive rebar supports.

THE TIE BRICK® is convenient, economical, durable, and functional. Inspectors like it.

pic_home4   What other support can you walk on?

THE TIE BRICK® is strong enough to walk on during installation.

imga0929   THE TIE BRICK® is used in national cemetery for foundations of grave markers and saves material and labor.